First Post: Trying Pinterest Recipes

Hello there!
Growing up, my mother used to always make the same thing every night and I would eat it every night because she had the rule where we were not allowed to get up from the table until our plate was literally clean but anyways, it was always spicy,full of vegetables Indian food and I HATED it! People tell me all the time, “How do you not like Indian food?!” and I’m like “How do you like Indian food?!” After I got older, I learned to cook by myself and one day while procrastinating on pinterest I came across the most wonderful, most glorious recipe ever. one word. Orzo. Including lemon, feta, cucumber and parsley (which are all my favorites), it makes for a light summer-like meal. Granted that it’s fall..but who cares!? For me, good food is good, any time of year!

I got the recipe from Laura over at forkknifeswoon and will most definitely be trying more!

I also added cumin which made it taste even better!